Collagen complex supplement are rich in nutrients essential and are 100% hydrolyzed collagen that nourishes and revitalizes body. In addition, this combination of ingredients rejuvenates skin, improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles, strengthens bones and reconstructs the tissues have affected, especially with over time.

  • Nutrients for Skin, Hair, Nails, Muscles, Ligaments & Bones
  • Promotes younger looking skin.

Collagen protein blend means this is the ONLY collagen supplement you will need to slow down aging.

Want to bring back that youthful glow to your hair and skin? Want to naturally look and feel years younger? Collagen Complex reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

Collagen benefits your whole body. That’s because it is the most abundant protein in our bodies, not only is collagen incredible for your hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints – it is amazing for overall heart health, promotes restful sleep, boosts mood, and reduces stress & anxiety. Collagen also improves digestion and helps build stronger leaner muscles.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, and is found in our skin, bones, muscles, hair, joints, and tendons just to name a few places. As we age, our collagen supply naturally gets depleted resulting in the familiar aches, pains, weakness, dry and wrinkled skin.

Collagen complex work together to maximize their age-defying benefits so you can feel like your best self again – strong, glowing, young and radiant. Just imagine who you can be and what you can do if age is no longer a factor.

Collagen is one of the foundational building blocks for healthier hair, stronger nails and more radiant skin.  collagen complex will give you the support you need to rebuild your collagen reserves and get your body back on track to look and feel great.

Clinical studies have shown that supplementation of collagen can reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis by decreasing inflammation in the joints. Moreover, collagen peptides or supplements containing collagen may also help slow the aging of skin by reducing wrinkles and dryness.

Are you looking for a natural way to look healthy and vibrant? Do you struggle with stiff and painful joints?

Collagen is a scientifically formulated collagen protein supplement that is vital to the human body since it makes up 90% of connective tissue and 70% of our skin.

Collagen food-based sources include collagen from grass-fed beef, chicken bone broth collagen, hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides, and eggshell membrane collagen

Improve skin and hair health, reduce joint pain, heal your gut, boost metabolism and muscle mass, enhance energy, strengthen nails, hair, and teeth, boost liver health, and so much more

Collagen are good for men, women, and seniors.

Type III Collagen

is a homotrimer, or a protein composed of three identical peptide chains (monomers), each called an alpha 1 chain of type III collagen. Formally, the monomers are called collagen type III, alpha-1 chain and in humans are encoded by the COL3A1 gene. Type III collagen is one of the fibrillar collagens whose proteins have a long, inflexible, triple-helical domain.

In the extracellular space in tissues, type III collagen monomers assemble into macromolecular fibrils, which aggregate into fibers, providing a strong support structure for tissues requiring tensile strength.

In addition to being an integral structural component of many organs, type III collagen is also an important regulator of the diameter of type I and II collagen fibrils. Type III collagen is also known to facilitate platelet aggregation through its binding to platelets and therefore, play an important role in blood clotting.

More recently, mutations in collagen type 3 have also been identified in patients with severe brain anomalies suggesting that type III collagen is important for the normal development of the brain during embryogenesis.

Osteoporosis, the most common bone disease in humans, is characterized by low bone mass, deterioration of bone architecture, compromised bone strength and an increase in the risk of fracture.

Although Collagen 3 haploinsufficiency affected biological aspects of bone repair, it did not affect the regain of mechanical function in experiments. These findings provide evidence for a modulatory role for Collagen 3 in fracture repair and support further investigations into its role in impaired bone healing.

Type I collagen

is the most abundant collagen found in connective tissues including skin, tendon, and bone tissue.

Two type of nonenzymatic process are described in type I collagen: the formation of advanced glycation end products due to the accumulation of reducible sugars in bone tissue, and the process of racemization and isomerization in the telopeptide of the collagen. These modifications of collagen are age-related and may impair the mechanical properties of bone. To illustrate the role of the crosslinking process of collagen in bone strength, clinical disorders associated with bone collagen abnormalities and bone fragility, such as osteogenesis imperfecta and osteoporosis, are described. Hydrolyzed collagen pills are also known for easy digestion.

Type I & III Collagen

Did you know that over 90% of collagen in the body is comprised of type I & III collagen? There are 19 amino acids (proteins) found in collagen types I & III – each essential to functions and maintenance within skin, muscles, and bones.

Hydrolyzed collagen peptides contain proteins from 100% grass-fed & pasture-raised beef, chicken, eggshell and wild-caught fish. Turning your inner strength into outer beauty

Collagen type 1 and 3 help you look radiant and rejuvenated. Hair is mostly made up of a protein called keratin. When collagen is consumed, your body will them break them down into amino acids. Proline is the main amino acid component of keratin. Therefore, proline-rich collagen will give your body the tools it needs for amazing hair, skin and nails.

With collagen, you can help minimize the effects of aging in your skin, hair and nails as you strengthen your bones and joints. Collagen is the protein that gives our skin elasticity, makes hair and nails strong and maintains bone and joint strength. Don’t let time prevent you from looking and feeling beautiful. Age gracefully with benefits for skin, hair & Nails

Here are more benefits from collagen intake:

Promotes smooth skin & strong nails

Supports full & shiny hair

Helps to clear up skin

Encourages hydrated & smooth skin

Can improve gut health

Replenish the collagen your body loses as you age

High bioavailability formula for increased absorption

Heal & repair your body from the inside-out

Healthy aging protein supplement for pescatarians

Lab results indicate that oral administration of CPs from bovine bone or proline can improve the laxity of chronologically aged skin by changing skin collagen quantitatively and qualitatively and highlight their potential application as functional foods to combat skin aging in chronologically aged process. A youthful appearance is considered to play an important role in keeping self-esteem and social relations.

In addition, clinical trials have also demonstrated that the beneficial effects of CPs intake on facial skin, including improving facial skin elasticity, reduce skin dryness and wrinkles, and increase the collagen content of the skin dermis. However, intake of CPs (both ACP and CCP) repaired collagen fibers and the fibers appeared to be denser and more organized compared to the aged skin. Collagen peptides from bovine bone could improve the laxity of chronologically aged skin by increasing skin collagen content and ratio of type I to type III collagen.