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A veggie roast is a highlight of my week. It’s far too good to keep for Sundays

These days, nut roasts and butternut squash wellingtons are good enough to tempt carnivores

Thank you to … my midwife, for reassuring a pregnant dad

In this series writers celebrate a person who changed their lives. Fred McConnell thanks Jo Hall for her care and common sense, making no fuss or fanfare

‘No tricks. No mantras. I just want to learn how to do nothing’: my quest to stay still

Rather than filling every spare moment with distractions, could I find a way to be at ease in my own company?

How to be hopeful: Anne Lamott on the awe of everyday play

The sight of children flinging a deflated ball through a tin-can goalpost reminds the author of effervescent childhood joy

What the therapist heard: ‘What would you do if your client behaved like a dog?’

After 20 years in practice, a therapist reflects on the conversations he’s had, surprising lessons learned, and the power of silence to soothe the soul

Our first Christmas as empty nesters

The kids have left home, and we’re not really coping, so this seems like the perfect chance to lure them back

Boys born underweight ‘more likely to have infertility problems’

Experts say men have a higher risk of reproduction issues if born below average size

How to be hopeful: Colum McCann on the broken violin that played in a refugee camp

Music can be a form of resistance – but an unstrung violin didn’t hold much promise. Then it was fixed, a plume of dust rose, and the fiddler began to play

How to be hopeful: Hisham Matar on the surprising lessons of silence

The entire history of literature is a noble failure, says the novelist, a beautiful, heroic attempt to say something more lucid than what goes unsaid

Record number of over-45s giving birth in England

More than 2,000 women in this age group had babies last year, ONS figures show

Once-a-month contraceptive pill developed by scientists

Gelatine capsule could prevent unplanned pregnancies caused by errors in daily pill use

Ex-Facebook worker claims disturbing content led to PTSD

Former moderator suing social network in Ireland over health impact of scouring website

UK supermarkets ‘not transparent enough’ about pesticide use

Information not routinely displayed on labels of food and gardening items, report finds

First cannabis-based medicines approved for use on NHS

 This article is more than 1 month old

Charities welcome epilepsy and MS drugs but say thousands of people have been left in limbo

Head of NHS voices ‘serious concerns’ about homeopathy

 This article is more than 1 month old

Simon Stevens says practice is ‘fundamentally flawed’, in letter to standards authority

Post-term pregnancy research cancelled after six babies die

 This article is more than 1 month old

Swedish researchers say proceeding with induction trial would have been unethical

America has an infant mortality crisis. Meet the black doulas trying to change that

In the US, black babies die at twice the rate of white babies. In Cleveland, the mortality rate is nearly three times as high. Can birth advocates make a difference in one of America’s most segregated cities?

Tell us: have you had to decide between pregnancy and your US military career?

We want to hear from women who were discharged from the military for being pregnant – please share your experience

In this climate of make do and mend, I love fixing things

My solutions aren’t exactly kosher, but I don’t care a jot

You can’t fix everything, so start by accepting life’s niggles

What if you could solve your problems by shifting your perspective? That’s got to be worth a try

We need to learn how to relax, without guilt

Being busy all the time is part of the way we live. But, whether gardening, reading or spacing out on the sofa, taking time to rest is just as important

Fit in my 40s: indoor surfing with a tutor like an Aussie soap star. I’ll kill it, right?

There are so many fun ways to screw it all up

Fitness tips: indoor surfing for beginners

Don’t move your upper body – and be prepared to wipe out

Worried about the election? Don’t – it’s as futile as rewriting the past

When you fret about the future, you’re demanding reassurance, yet this is something it can never give you

Why do people think 41 is too old to exercise? It’s a perfect time to start

The truth is that whatever your age, exercise can be beneficial – and just think about the post-workout high

One step at a time: how to improve mental health through fitness

From regular walks to workouts or team sports, there are all kinds of activities that can help anxiety and depression. Here’s how to get started

Five ways to clean your home naturally

Shop-bought cleaning products can be harmful to the environment and your health. Homemade alternatives, made with products such as lemon and vinegar, can tackle the toughest of jobs